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Social Responsibility: Organically Grown. Direct Trade. Smithsonian Bird Friendly. Shade Grown.

Tasting Notes: Sweet caramel aromas that carry over into the flavors with notes of chocolate, lemon, and sweet black tea. Smooth and Balanced cup.

Origin: Bolivia

Varietal: Castillo, Catimore, Typica, Yellow Catuai

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1700m

Meet The Farmer: Apcerl

The farm is located on the edge of the Andes mountains and borders the Rainforest of the Amazon. The land next to their farms is government-protected land, and the indigenous groups have decided to treat their land as if it were protected as well.

With the help of WCS (wildlife conservation society), this environmentally conscious farm has been certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly, one of the toughest conservation certifications in existence. Instead of clearing the rainforest, Bird Friendly coffees grow underneath shade trees that sequester carbon, fight climate change, and provide habitat for birds. Those bird include migratory species whose impressive journeys can take them from the backyards of the U.S. and Canada all the way to coffee farms in Latin America. All of which have also been certified Organic.

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