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Dominican Red Honey

Dominican Red Honey

$ 12.50

Social Responsibility: Organically Grown. Direct Trade. Shade Grown.

Tasting NotesThe aroma is sweet and fruity and the taste is equally as delicious with notes of strawberry, pomegranate, and grape jam with some wildly bright acidity. This red honey process uses a 24-hour fermentation that allows enzymes to break down mucilage, bringing out sweetness and fruitiness while maintaining uniformity. This is a roaster favorite!

If you are a coffee connoisseur who loves funky, exotic coffees, this is a MUST TRY!! 

Origin: Dominican Republic

Region: Ramirez Estate

Varietal: Red Caturra

Roast Level: Lite

Process: Red Honey

Elevation: 1400m


Meet The Farmer: Ramirez Estate

This family-owned estate is extraordinarily socially conscious. They use fermented coffee cherries to create natural gas, which partially powers their operation. They also donate books and computers to the local schools, and in a more rural area, they built and funded a new school preventing small children from having to walk over 15 km each way to class. They also help Haitians obtain legal residence in the Dominican Republic, in order to receive fair wages. We pay roughly 300% higher wages to this Estate for their exceptional care of the environment, organic certification, care for local Haitian immigrants, and high cupping scores.

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